While everyone goes to Ibiza to rest and enjoy the good weather, Anastasia McQueen does not stop working to make everyone’s vacation a little bit more special; she achieves this in all aspects of her profession.

As an entrepreneur, her business allows many Ibiza visitors to enjoy a variety of water sports, of which she herself is a fan. As a musician, her most important aspect, is to be in charge of making all kinds of parties and events much easier.

Everyone seems to love Anastasia McQueen at her parties and it’s no wonder. This blonde saxophonist is a great artist as well as being very sexy on stage. Every time she performs, she puts the audience in her pocket and knows how to connect with everyone to make them dance and have a great time.

Vintage Tour and much more for this summer

Anastasia McQueen has, throughout this summer, the Vintage tour with Sebastian Gamboa, but it is by no means her only activity. She also takes part at other parties in well-known discos in Ibiza and still manages to make time to attend some private events, out of the many who request her.

Summer is not exactly a restful time for Anastasia, who enjoys her work and relishes every moment that she takes part in the scene. But from time to time, she allows herself some time out to enjoy the beach, watersports and to swim in the crystal clear Mediterranean waters that she adores.

Anastasia McQueen does not forget her other passion, fashion. Although she is considered first and foremost a saxophonist, she occasionally works as a model. Sometimes, she manages to combine both passions and performs her music at fashion events, being able to be part of the same show, but letting everyone also see and enjoy her musical talent.

Maybe this summer we can see her participating in some promotional campaign or playing a softer type of music for a fashion show; we will keep you informed of all her movements, so that you will always know where to find Anastasia.

But if you do not want to wait until the next posting for information and you want to be the first to know all of the news about Anastasia, then you can follow her on her social network sites and be kept up to date with all her performances this summer, both in Ibiza and in other cities.