Autumn arrives and comes full of parties and celebrations. For now, the good weather stays and that is why many people do not want to leave the rhythm of life they have led during the summer. The time has not yet changed, so take advantage to leave until later even if you have to get up early and take the last trips to the beach. Among those trips and getaways

When you have to hire a show or a musician for an event, doubts always arise: Will it be up to par? Will they give a good show in the best sense of the word? Will I be okay with the people who come? And if the event is as personal as a wedding the doubts are even greater because we all dream of a perfect ceremony and we do

Despite the fact that the artists of Ibiza perform in the island throughout the whole year, it is in the summer months that their schedules fill up with the largest number of performances. During this time, in which the largest influx of tourists into the island is seen, Ibiza becomes a party in which the performances are not limited to the night time – and not just to one night

The mise en scene is one of the most important parts of any spectacle and it is vital to a sax show. This is because when there are many musicians on stage, as is the case when we have a band performing, the audience’s attention can be dispersed – thus even if there are some elements that are a little slacker than others, the audience will fix their attention on

Anastasia is also a saxophonist for weddings. Their great experience in all kinds of celebrations makes it a perfect choice for all those who want their wedding to be something beyond a simple contract signature: they want it to be an unforgettable day for them and for all of theirs. For that, nothing better than offering the guests something different than usual, to make them feel that they are celebrating

To hire a sax show, the first thing you need to do is deciding what exactly you are looking for. This type of show is not the same kind of performance you’d expect from a classic sax, orchestra, classical band or jazz show, which are general musical shows. Think of the sax player as a performer; she’s more suitable for a party where people want to dance than an intimate