Autumn arrives and comes full of parties and celebrations. For now, the good weather stays and that is why many people do not want to leave the rhythm of life they have led during the summer. The time has not yet changed, so take advantage to leave until later even if you have to get up early and take the last trips to the beach.
Among those trips and getaways Ibiza is a very sought after destination, especially now that there is no tourism so overwhelming and that can be enjoyed in a somewhat more tranquil environment. Of course, talking about tranquility and low seasons is always relative in Ibiza, as there are always people visiting the island.
If you are coming to Ibiza this fall, do not forget to check the agenda of Anastasia McQueen and take the opportunity to attend one of the parties in which she acts as a collaborator or as a guest. It will not disappoint you and you will leave with the best taste of fall in Ibiza, even though the days are somewhat shorter and the temperatures are a little lower.

Halloween arrives

By the way, do not forget that it is almost Halloween. October ends with this celebration and we are already wondering what Anastasia has prepared for those dates. Will she surprise us with some action suitable to this celebration? Perhaps she has reserved the date to spend it with her family enjoying the trick or treat?

We still don’t know, but surely something will be announced on social networks, where she shares some things of her professional life and sometimes allows us to see some brushstroke of her private life. Be sure to follow it on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with everything you do.

There is still a lot of autumn ahead and sure that Anastasia is going to give us more of a surprises. Do you think Anastasia could disguise herself and give a little fear? We have trouble thinking that that beautiful face can scare, but knowing her we think that if she proposes it is capable of even putting fear. And is that if something stands out in this beautiful female saxophonist is his great ability to surprise, to transform and to adapt to all circumstances. And everything so that his followers continue to enjoy in each of his performances.