When you have to hire a show or a musician for an event, doubts always arise: Will it be up to par? Will they give a good show in the best sense of the word? Will I be okay with the people who come? And if the event is as personal as a wedding the doubts are even greater because we all dream of a perfect ceremony and we do not want anything to ruin it.

With Anastasia you can have the total peace of mind that come from knowing that you are going to get just the right kind of event, because you will be hiring a professional with plenty of experience, and someone who is accustomed to playing in all kinds of contexts. She adapts equally well to the most formal shows, such as a wedding in which she has to provide music in the background and to the most fun occasions, such as playing for people dancing all night together with a DJ.

To know exactly what the customer wants, Anastasia talks to them and asks them everything that she needs to know in order to put together a customised spectacle, a unique and different show that makes it a very special act that will fit perfectly with the customer’s requirements.

Anastasia’s versatility, key to the success of your event

Having someone as versatile as Anastasia will help you get exactly what you want, even if you are looking for things that may seem contradictory, such as romantic music for a wedding ceremony followed up with something much more fun and dance like to celebrate the bonds of fun and affection between the guests.

She has a lot of experience with weddings, with publicity events and with performances at parties at the best discos, so she has no problem finding the most suitable acts for each moment. In this facet of her approach to performance, she differs from many musicians who specialise in a single style and who do not have the ability to adapt to different circumstances or requests.

If you have doubts about this ability of Anastasia’s, you only have to search for the videos on your YouTube channel and you will discover why this female saxophonist is so well known and why she is becoming one of the most sought after musicians in Ibiza and also in other Spanish and European cities.

Anastasia will make your event very special and you will have the absolute peace of mind that comes from working with a true professional, with great knowledge of music and a great sense of devotion to her art.