Anastasia McQueen’s saxophone performances make us want to find out more about this instrument, and that is why were are going to talk more here about this instrument whose name came from the union of two words: sax, from the surname of its creator, Joseph Sax, and phone, the word for sound. So, in fact, its name means the Sound of Sax. The saxophone is an interesting instrument because it

On New Year’s Eve, we all dress to impress. Even the stages at the most prestigious party venues are dressed up for the occasion. Everyone is keen on showing their best side on a night that is, without a doubt, a crucial test for many artists and top-of-the-range performances. On such a special night, people want to see something beyond average, the best they can find and afford, because after

A getaway in Ibiza is a totally different experience than you can find anywhere else in Spain. This island offers unique possibilities and, within very few kilometres, it presents incredible contrasts. For example, the best party-halls in Europe alongside a totally preserved environment, making Ibiza one of the most charming places for nature hiking. If you want to take a break in Ibiza, it is best to have time to

Anastasia McQueen is a very young woman, but her youth does not translate into inexperience. She began playing with only ten years and from very young began to travel with different orchestras, knowing what is the hard world of professional musicians. On her tour she learned what it means to play before very different audiences, all very demanding but in some cases looking for completely different things. And you had

The great saxophonist Anastasia McQueen offers shows unlike any other. But, perhaps, what has made her the talk of the town are the shows in Ibiza. Especially those offered by some hotels during the day, using the pool area. Competition in Ibiza is intense. That’s why hotels try to attract customers throughout the day with attractions and shows. Concerts are not only a nighttime experience – it’s common to find