On New Year’s Eve, we all dress to impress. Even the stages at the most prestigious party venues are dressed up for the occasion. Everyone is keen on showing their best side on a night that is, without a doubt, a crucial test for many artists and top-of-the-range performances. On such a special night, people want to see something beyond average, the best they can find and afford, because after all, it is not every day that we can put an end to another year and start a new one full of possibilities. It’s a night when we feel just like a kid with a new toy, eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new year, and rightly so. The prevailing feeling is that everything is possible, that all goals can be conquered, that there’s much living left to do. You can sense that the coming year is going to be even more special, and this is why it’s a good idea to start it with a top-of-the-range show that makes a great impression. Live music is the ideal choice during the longest night of the year (apart from the winter solstice). On this special night, pretty much everyone manages to dance until dawn.


New Year’s Eve is not the only time of the year when grand shows stir up deep passions. Throughout the year, there are many other events and special dates that can be substantially improved with a special performance: birthdays, anniversaries, getting a new job, being promoted, corporate events, etc. The celebration of these events requires looking for top-quality shows that can entertain and exceed the expectations of the most demanding guests. Anastasia McQueen offers her saxophone show in Ibiza and other Spanish cities throughout the year. Her shows are renowned for their quality and her professional demeanour: these are events where even the smallest detail is taken care of, from the outfit changes to the quality of McQueen’s performances, which evidence her skills as a saxophonist. Her versatility and professional experience turn Anastasia McQueen into the perfect choice for every type of private or public event where a top-quality performance that is guaranteed to impress is required.