A getaway in Ibiza is a totally different experience than you can find anywhere else in Spain. This island offers unique possibilities and, within very few kilometres, it presents incredible contrasts. For example, the best party-halls in Europe alongside a totally preserved environment, making Ibiza one of the most charming places for nature hiking.
If you want to take a break in Ibiza, it is best to have time to experience all of the island’s delights but, if you are limited to a weekend, it is still possible to get a small taste of all that the island has to offer and leave with a good feeling.

Ibiza getaway: Friday

If you are lucky enough to start your getaway to Ibiza early on Friday, you can take advantage of a boat trip on the Mediterranean. A beautiful boat trip can be the perfect start to a magical weekend. You can even dine on the boat and enjoy a night view of the coast-line of Ibiza; then retire for the night and get ready to enjoy the intensity of an Ibiza Saturday.

Ibiza getaway: Saturday

Saturday will be the highlight of your weekend Ibiza trip. You can start with a good breakfast and prepare for hiking. Take some food with you and enjoy a good walk with exceptional views. It is recommended to take a route that follows exactly the places you are interested in seeing.
Return early to the hotel to enjoy a shower and a couple of hours of rest before going out to dine and to live the night in Ibiza. It is an unforgivable sin to come to Ibiza and not enjoy one of the famous Ibiza sax shows.
We recommend that you come with a clear choice of the shows you want to see, maybe already with your tickets. An excellent plan may be to enjoy a show by the female saxophonist Anastasia McQueen to start the evening. You can even stay in one of the hotels where she usually performs her shows.
After enjoying Anastasia McQueen you can go to one of the many parties in the most famous night-spots in Europe and party until the sun is well up in the sky.


 Ibiza getaway: Sunday

If you are lucky enough to have a later flight, and you are able to get up at a decent hour, you can still enjoy a bit of Ibiza. Just feeling the charm of one of Ibiza’s magic places and having a meal in a restaurant before returning to real life makes an ideal end to your Ibiza trip.