Anastasia McQueen is a very young woman, but her youth does not translate into inexperience. She began playing with only ten years and from very young began to travel with different orchestras, knowing what is the hard world of professional musicians.
On her tour she learned what it means to play before very different audiences, all very demanding but in some cases looking for completely different things. And you had to learn to connect with all of them to know what they wanted every moment.
Only when you achieve this degree of complicity can you achieve success and please any client who hires you, something that Anastasia seems to handle perfectly.
When she started playing on her own, she already had enough experience and training to move around a stage knowing full well what to do and what her audience expected from her.

Anastasia, a woman with exquisite sensitivity

They say women have a special gift to empathize with those around them. In the case of Anastasia McQueen this is perfectly fulfilled. She has been able to connect with very different audiences of different nationalities.
This is a great help in Ibiza, an island where it is possible to meet people from many countries and also, they are accustomed to very high levels of quality when it comes to entertainment shows.
The offer of Ibiza is very varied and here people are accustomed to having the best in the world, especially when it comes to musical shows. If you do not offer high quality and something that sets you apart from the rest, you have nothing to do in the mecca of dance music.
Anastasia has not only managed to surprise the audience and put it in her pocket once, something relatively easy and that can be just by chance. She has been able to do so many times and to be among the numbers one on the island.
A good example of this is her show with Flyboarders during which she herself rises above water eight meters high, while still playing her saxophone and inviting people to dance without taking an eye on what is happening in the stage.
Anastasia has arrived to stay and do not doubt that she will continue to surprise and offer you more and more.