Vintage parties continue to triumph at the Lío nightclub in Ibiza. This week there will be a new edition, which will include performances from Oscar Colorado and Victor Nebot among others, in addition to that of Anastasia McQueen. The date will be next Friday 16th from 12 midnight. Oscar Colorado is one of the most celebrated DJ’s in Ibiza and he plays all styles of music, from the most classic

As we have mentioned, Anastasia McQueen collaborates regularly with Gamboa’s Vintage; their performances continue to enjoy a huge amount of success, both critically and publicly. There are many people who come to enjoy this party, which is already considered to be an Ibiza classic. They are attracted by its popularity, by Gamboa himself and, also, because they have heard of and are waiting to see Anastasia. So, it is our

Holy week arrives, and with it high season in Ibiza. The visitors arrive in greater numbers each time, and all of them want to enjoy the best spectacles in the island. Because of this the next Saturday 15 of April, the show called Vintage will be once more presented on the stages of Pacha Ibiza. This show, headed by the legendary DJ Sebastian Gamboa will include among its participants Anastasia