As we have mentioned, Anastasia McQueen collaborates regularly with Gamboa’s Vintage; their performances continue to enjoy a huge amount of success, both critically and publicly.

There are many people who come to enjoy this party, which is already considered to be an Ibiza classic. They are attracted by its popularity, by Gamboa himself and, also, because they have heard of and are waiting to see Anastasia.

So, it is our favourite lady saxophonist who has brought to Vintage, her own special personality and has managed to win the public over at each performance. In this way, she has delivered her personal touch to this important event.

Anastasia also triumphs in other scenarios

Although Anastasia is now a collaborator of Vintage, she has not ignored other scenarios and, throughout the summer, we can see her participating in all kinds of performances, both private and local.

If you want to hold a private event and are counting on Anastasia being able to give a performance, be aware that there are very few dates remaining for when she is free this summer. This tireless worker never stops and is now being rewarded for all her hard work.

This is why those who are going to hold important private parties such as a wedding, must book Anastasia McQueen while it is still possible, because, very soon, she may not have a single available date.

Enjoy Anastasia and Vintage

If you are planning on coming to Ibiza this summer, you can enjoy some of the performances of this saxophonist at Vintage. Check the dates for this party, make sure you have the correct ones for when this musician will be playing and then reserve your ticket, ensuring that you do not miss the event that everyone is talking about.

Don’t forget that the most important festivals in Ibiza are so famous that many people travel just to attend them; so make sure you have the time to enjoy one of the most impressive shows performed by Anastasia.

Anastasia and all the other people taking part in Vintage are great professionals – none of which will disappoint. You will experience a very special party, with music that includes many of the most popular genres, together with dancers, singers and musicians, making you feel that the journey to Ibiza is well worth it.