Holy week arrives, and with it high season in Ibiza. The visitors arrive in greater numbers each time, and all of them want to enjoy the best spectacles in the island. Because of this the next Saturday 15 of April, the show called Vintage will be once more presented on the stages of Pacha Ibiza. This show, headed by the legendary DJ Sebastian Gamboa will include among its participants Anastasia McQueen herself, who will show off all of her skills as a saxophonist and her great experience on the stage. Vintage also will include invited guests such as DJ Nano and Angel Linde, who have been included because they are among the best DJs in Ibiza, which means that they are among the best in their whole profession.

Vintage: a picture is worth more than a thousand words

We have told you a lot about Anastasia McQueen and about the stage, and we have just been speaking about Vintage, too. But we believe that the best way for everyone to understand what we are talking about is to look at the images of previous shows. We are sure that you will really enjoy the video created by one of the audience members of Anastasia’s show and see how her sax is able to create magic not just onstage but also among the public, making everyone pulse with her music. A small aperitif so that you know all that you can enjoy if you fancy coming to Pacha Ibiza next Saturday the 15th.

Vintage live – better than ever

As happens with any show, we are sure that seeing Vintage live is much better than any video we might upload, but we also understand that you want to know what we’re talking about. For those people who reading this far away from Ibiza, and for whom it isn’t possible to come this Holy Week, do not worry, Anastasia offers many different shows in Ibiza throughout the year. You only have to follow this page and her social media pages and this way you will see what she is working on at any moment. Indeed, Anastasia McQueen does not just perform in Ibiza; she is often booked to perform in other of the most important clubs, discos and party rooms. Thus, it is possible that you might be able to see her much more close to home than you can imagine.