Female Saxophonist at events in Dubai (UAE) Anastasia McQueen, known in Ibiza as the #Ibiza_Sax_Queen, and for playing at the most important venues and private parties during the summer months has been played the Saxophone already at different venues in Dubai such as Iris lounge Dubai, Hyatt resort Dubai, Mercury lounge Dubai & Soho garden Dubai. Saxophone player Dubai Anastasia has played the saxophone already a few times in Dubai,

We are living the longest nights of the year, the ones that precede and those that follow the winter solstice, the day in which we live the actual longest night of the year. From now on, the hours of sunshine will increase little by little. But it still takes a long time before we notice this. Anyway, who cares if it’s dark early? If you live in Ibiza or you


Apr 2017

Andorra Sax Fest

The Andorra Sax Fest is already in its fifth instalment and it is one of the most important sax events. Between the 14th and the 21st of this month, some of the most famous sax bands and sax players are in Andorra. This is an authentic sax festival which is celebrated with a variety of different events. The saxophone is the main character in Andorra throughout all of these days