We are living the longest nights of the year, the ones that precede and those that follow the winter solstice, the day in which we live the actual longest night of the year. From now on, the hours of sunshine will increase little by little. But it still takes a long time before we notice this. Anyway, who cares if it’s dark early?

If you live in Ibiza or you are on vacation on the island, the early onset of night is a good excuse to go out before and enjoy all the fun spots you can find. So you can go out for a drink, have dinner and enjoy cocktails before you start dancing in any of the party rooms where there are shows all night long.

They say that in Ibiza the night never ends for those who don’t want it to, referring to the fact that night time parties will continue on throughout the day. During the winter, more of these parties will occur in darkness, which is something that all lovers of the night adore.

Come and enjoy a sax show with Anastasia

If you’re not the sun and the beach type, but someone devoted to going out clubbing and enjoying your holiday, Ibiza is the best destination for you this winter. You will be able to realize your dream and take advantage of the hours of light to sleep and to gain strength, because there are many things you can do during these long nights.

One of them, like no other, is to enjoy a sax show with Anastasia McQueen. This saxophonist is already an unmistakable protagonist of the Ibiza Nights and the notes of her sax have been heard in the best dance halls of the whole island.

In addition, she has also managed to become a saxophone player for weddings, saxophonist for events and even as a model. Without leaving aside her role as a businesswoman. If for you the night seems to have no end, for Anastasia it seems that the days have at least forty-eight hours considering how much she manages to pack into each one.

Check out where Anastasia McQueen is performing the days you are on holiday in Ibiza and do not miss the opportunity to see her, as surely her sax show will be one of the unforgettable moments that will be a perfect holiday.