We continue with this little summary of how Ibiza has become the phenomenon that it is today, and how the label ‘Artistas Ibiza’ has varied greatly with the march of the years until it has become what it is in the present: a symbol of amazing quality dance music and of highly elaborate spectacles that are devised to surprise and delight a public that gets harder to please every time.

The label ‘Artistas Ibiza’ is without doubt synonymous with a unique style of music which triumphs throughout the world, but when did the fever for Ibiza begin? Let’s run through a quick summary of the current history of this fantastic island. Until the 70s, Ibiza was a tranquil place, little known as a tourist destination except for the few people who want there in a somewhat traditional manner. In fact,

Despite the fact that the artists of Ibiza perform in the island throughout the whole year, it is in the summer months that their schedules fill up with the largest number of performances. During this time, in which the largest influx of tourists into the island is seen, Ibiza becomes a party in which the performances are not limited to the night time – and not just to one night

If you look at the class of Ibizan artists, you can find almost every kinds of performer, each of them devoted to putting on the most varied shows. After all, we are talking about a place which is visited by tourists as much for its sunshine and beaches as for its world-famous clubs. There, you can hear the most renowned DJs or enjoy performances that simply cannot be experienced anywhere