Does being a female saxophonist make a difference when it comes to a musical performance? The truth is that music does not care about gender, but every performer puts a little of their essence in every musical note no matter what instrument they play. Sensitive ears will notice a different sensitivity in music played by men or women.

Anastasia is a saxophonist woman with a solid training and a vast experience. Those factors determine the quality of her show more significantly than her gender, but it would be absurd to deny that her female condition leaves an important mark on the show.

Her elegance and her way of moving on stage are absolutely feminine, as is her exciting wardrobe that was designed to help her shine more intensely. When Anastasia stands on a stage, her music is the main focus… but her show is formed by different elements coming together in harmony.

Music and show come together, in an engaging performance that makes the public feel involved with what is happening on stage. Anastasia has always been able to connect very well with her audience in different types of shows that she has performed.

To achieve this kind of results it takes a strong musical training, but having a special feminine sensibility is the special touch.


Being a female saxophonist makes all the difference. Obviously she is not the only female saxophonist, but her versatility when interpreting music for different types of events and occasions makes her an original and highly regarded artist.

You may have seen her best show in which sax music combines with the Flyboard, a unique concept that she performed with great success in many parts of the world.

It could be because she is a female saxophonist or maybe because she is simply a great musician, but we are sure that the best of Anastasia is still to come. Like every woman, she always makes of point of keeping many surprises up her sleeve.