If you enjoy Anastasia McQueen, why not follow all her events? She always gives detailed information about them by means of social networking. With the help of your Facebook account, you can keep track of her and stay informed about when her next performances will be. For many people, Facebook continues to be the simplest and most flexible option, and so Anastasia never forgets to update hers in order to

This weekend we will put an end to 2016. It’s been a year full of great memories! To Anastasia McQueen, this year has been marked by the chance of turning some her dreams into realities and to live new and interesting professional experiences, such as the opportunity to play on the streets of Andorra during the local Shopping Festival. There are always plans to be made, activities to take part

Sax music can be the greatest discovery you make this Christmas. The saxophone can be an ideal choice when it comes to playing the world’s most well-known Christmas songs. In fact, some internationally renowned musicians have already incorporated sax music into their albums. Among these, the most well-known musician is possibly Kenny G., who won a Grammy award and became famous during the 1980s and 1990s following his solo work

Have you always wanted to be able to play the saxophone? If you have, that’s hardly surprising, given that this is a truly special musical instrument. The saxophone is one of the few instruments that can replicate the full voice spectrum, particularly the soprano sax, the alto sax, the baritone sax, and the tenor sax. Moreover, the saxophone can play virtually every musical style. There are several techniques you can

A getaway in Ibiza is a totally different experience than you can find anywhere else in Spain. This island offers unique possibilities and, within very few kilometres, it presents incredible contrasts. For example, the best party-halls in Europe alongside a totally preserved environment, making Ibiza one of the most charming places for nature hiking. If you want to take a break in Ibiza, it is best to have time to