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This saxophonist’s next performance will be on March 25 in the famous Pachá Ibiza club. Its stage is always graced by an Ibiza artist of the highest quality, and this next weekend this will be the Vintage by Sebastian Gamboa show, in which Anastasia McQueen will take part. Because of the change to Summer Time, the night will last an hour less time than usual, but that will not prevent us from enjoying the highs of a show that is sure to leave everyone feeling in a great mood. The party will end only with the first light of day, and that’s something everyone will surely notice, even without having adjusted their watches! The show has already taken its style of House music to some of the world’s most impressive venues, and now it will come home to Ibiza and the guests at the Pachá Ibiza party. It will be a classic setup, with Anastasia playing with the fluency she knows how to achieve so well. Sebastian Gamboa is one of the most renowned House DJs on the global scene. He was born in Ibiza, and from a very young age he had success with his mixes in the island’s clubs. He also won a DJ Award.


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