Have you always wanted to be able to play the saxophone? If you have, that’s hardly surprising, given that this is a truly special musical instrument. The saxophone is one of the few instruments that can replicate the full voice spectrum, particularly the soprano sax, the alto sax, the baritone sax, and the tenor sax. Moreover, the saxophone can play virtually every musical style. There are several techniques you can use to learn to play the saxophone, depending on which style you intend to adopt. The sax is closely linked to modern music, such as jazz, big band, and even ska and rock. Female saxophonist Anastasia McQueen has taken it a step further, using this instrument to play dance music. But which skills are needed in order to play the sax? And where should I go if I want to start learning to play this instrument?


Many people believe that learning to play the sax requires finger dexterity and a large lung capacity. However, even 8-year-old children can learn to play this instrument without having any of these two characteristics. This is the case because these skills can be acquired through practice. At first, blowing into a saxophone’s mouthpiece will require some effort, but it will become easier once you practice for hours on end. The same applies to finger dexterity. Initially, you may feel that you can’t reach all the keys, but gradually your fingers will move freely up and down the instrument’s body. Therefore, the only thing you really need to get started is being keen and willing to practice regularly.


Anastasia McQueen started playing the sax when she was only 10 years old, but it’s never too late to start learning to play a musical instrument. The first thing that you need to decide is which type of musical style you would like to play. Based on that, you will need to choose the appropriate technique. If you want to play classical music and make a living out of it, attending music school is the best choice, although it is also the one that requires the hardest work and dedication. If on the other hand, you only want to learn to play the sax as a hobby, taking private lessons at a music academy is the best alternative. You will need to find an academy that teaches your preferred musical style, and you will also need to be willing to spend many hours a week practising in order to become a skilled sax player.