Many people are surprised to know the age at which Anastasia began her musical studies. However, it is a very common age to start, in fact, it is the most recommended. We have already seen that in Spain, it is common to begin at eight years and combine elementary and professional music studies with academic studies until graduating from High School. In fact, both coincide in duration. In this way, once the baccalaureate is finished, the student can choose which studies to pursue at a higher level, among which there is the possibility of enrolling to a more senior music conservatory.

Is it necessary for so many years?

The mastery of the musical language and the instruments are tasks that must be oriented for a lifetime. In fact, any person who studies music knows that he will never stop doing it, and that there are always new things to learn, and that there is always the need to improve his/her skills.

Music studies are complicated, but they compensate for everything they provide on a personal level. Anastasia, for example, has made music her profession and for her, everything she has given to music has been repaid. Most people who study an instrument believe that all hours of working are worth, and that they will finally manage to make the instrument sound how they want, and manage to start not only melodies, which is relatively easy, but also feelings, which is where the complications lie.

Transmitting feelings require not only sensitivity, but also a lot of preparation. And it is of little value to have a lot of sensitivity within you if you do not have the technique to make it go outside.

What if I want to start later?

You can start studying music at any age although, in a conservatory, you can only begin the elementary school studies at the age of fourteen. From there, you have to prepare for professional access tests freely.

Many people do not aspire to live on music. For them, music is an entertainment, a way to express themselves and provide an outlet for a passion that they have had throughout their lifetime. Therefore, it is not uncommon for people who reach the retirement age to begin studying an instrument, just when they finally have free time to devote to their passions.