Anastasia McQueen is an entire citizen of the world. From a very young age, when she left her native Belarus, Anastasia knows what it is like to live in very different cities and countries with very diverse cultures.

Her professional journeys have led her to reside for some time in Russia for, then begin to travel around the world. He has been in practically all Europe with different orchestras and, alone, has visited destinations as far away as Thailand, Dubai or New York.

At present, her residence is Ibiza, there she has her house and she has been declared on more than one occasion a lover of the island. It is the place where he works the most, because in his halls of celebrations so famous in the whole world he has worked much of his solo career. But he continues to travel for work very often.

Enjoy the scenery

Watching Anastasia’s Instagram is easy to discover that her artistic sensitivity is not left alone in the musical aspect. It is able to enjoy the beauty of a beautiful sunset on an exotic beach or to ride by helicopter on a sea of skyscrapers in the middle of Manhattan. Find beauty in everything you do and enjoy discovering new places.

And if you thought that the models live on the air, Anastasia denies it since one of their hobbies is to discover new gastronomic corners in the cities they visit frequently, such as Barcelona, or try typical dishes in other countries. She enjoys food in moderation because she knows that the key to taking care of her body is to give her what she needs: good nutrition and exercise.

A new audience

But what Anastasia most certainly likes about her travels is discovering in each of them a new audience, with very different tastes and different ways of expressing themselves. But with the one that manages to always connect through music, the most international language of all.

She manages to connect with people of any culture and love everyone alike. Seeing her on the stage is a good experience in any dance hall or any stage and, in the end, everyone reacts in a very similar way: dancing, clapping and, ultimately, enjoying a show that is thought so that whoever sees it have a good time and disconnect everything.