We have spoken on occasion about the importance of training in a musician and that this training is continuous so that you always advance as a professional. But to give a good show also it is fundamental to take care of the body. When you have to get on a stage and play and dance at a time you have to be in very good shape, otherwise it is impossible to keep going. The control of the breath has to be total to be able to blow at the same time as moving the body minute after minute.

That is why those who believe that only musical rehearsal is sufficient are very wrong. Acts like those of Anastasia McQueen have a great physical demand. If she forgot to take care of her body, Anastasia could not play and dance like she does, she would lack air and end up breathing and breathing with difficulty. It is impossible to play in such conditions, as you can easily understand. A good background is key, especially when the performances are spread out throughout the night until well into the night and it is necessary to be playing at the same level of quality at five in the morning as at twelve o’clock at night.

Caring for the body with sport

One of the ways to take care of the body is with sport and in this Anastasia has a great experience. She is a water sports lover, enjoying Flyboards, Hoverboards and Seabobs. She also likes to ride bikes. Sports like the Flyboard and the like require good balance and for that you need lots of strength in the legs. She handles these devices like no one can, and takes care not only to maintain her figure, but to have a good musculature, strength and stamina for the performances.

Anastasia has worked as a model on more than one occasion but having a good figure is not the same as caring for the body. Exercise makes the difference and although being thin is essential to be able to perform sax shows fluently and to dance with style, she also needs physical strength. You just have to see her on the stage to realise that this woman is a lover of sports and that she can deal with everything that is thrown at her. This way she has been able to soar into the air, several meters high, while holding on to a Flyboard.