Anastasia McQueen is an artist worth seeing live for many reasons. Here we want to explain some of the main ones. If you have the opportunity to see her in any of the cities where she performs regularly or in any occasional performance for which she has been requested, do not hesitate to do so. You will not regret it. And I tell you why you have to see Anastasia McQueen live.

“The way she played the sax.” For us this is the main reason to see Anastasia live. Her prowess as a saxophonist is beyond doubt. We always say that, but this is because we believe that it is something that makes the difference: Anastasia studied music in depth and has benefitted from a large amount of training in this field. She is not just a pretty girl or a model that has gotten to play the saxo superficially to be able to sell tickets to shows. She is a professional of great value.
“Because she’s a great communicator.” The best musicians communicate when they play. The message of the music has to reach those who listen and in the case of Anastasia McQueen, this is definitely the case. Her message reaches all those who hear her play and is able to create a true connection between her and everyone in front of her, but in such a special way that it seems that she is playing for each one of them individually.
“Because she’s very sexy.” We have said that Anastasia is not just a model who pretends to play a sax or who plays it in a basic way. She is a professional musician, but that does not mean she doesn’t have an inspiring beauty and knows how to show her sexier side on stage. She knows how to move and knows how to seduce. This is very important in the musical numbers since the public does not only listen to the music, but also wants to see a good visual performance.
“Because she has the best wardrobe.” Obviously, in a performance the stage and the scenery are very important because it is a part of the show. An artist has to have a wardrobe that accompanies her performance and that is known all the great. Anastasia takes so much care regarding this aspect of her performances that she even designs part of her clothes to ensure that she always looks very attractive and is in keeping with what her audience expects.