Christmas is around the corner, and I’m sure that Anastasia has something special for the big holiday. Soon, we will know her dates of performance for the Christmas parties, and she will surely surprise us with some splendid production. Maybe something special to end the year? Will Anastasia ever be at a wonderful party like the one that took place last year in Andorra?


Anastasia is becoming increasingly known inside and outside our borders, and more destinations want to witness one of the performances of this famous female saxophonist. Who knows, maybe this year she can perform near your place, and you can get close to enjoying one of his saxophone shows in the company of the best DJs.


Beautiful photos with Christmas motifs.


For the past years, we have seen in the social networks of Anastasia, beautiful photos with beautiful Christmas motifs. This year, this beautiful woman returns to surprise us with some incredible images in which, she mixes the most endearing of these dates with the elegance of Anastasia.


What is certain is that we will be able to see some images of her most important performances. She always shares photographs and videos of her performances through her social networks. For example, on her YouTube channel, you can see fragments of the festivals that Anastasia McQueen has participated in this summer.


Will the Christmas Elves bring us any special performances from Anastasia? We will know soon. You just have to be aware of Anastasia’s Web and Facebook pages, to see when the dates of all her performances for December and January are published.


A trip to Ibiza before the end of the year.


In any case, we always recommend a trip to Ibiza. Any time is good to know this Island or to visit again. If you have met her in the summer, seeing how her winter face looks like will be a fantastic experience.


Plan and coordinate a getaway to Ibiza this Christmas in order to attend one of saxophone performances by Anastasia McQueen. You will see that the saxophone show as well as the beauty of the Island in winter, one of its lesser-known faces, but which is still beautiful and very pleasant, is worth enjoying. And surely, the winter in Ibiza is soft and magical