As we informed you at the beginning of this summer, on the 22nd of July from 7 in the afternoon, Anastasia will be performing in the Café del Mar Malta. Her performance is included as part of the schedule of a great party that goes by the name of the Red Sunset Party.

If you are going to be on holiday in the island of Malta during this weekend you can perhaps come and enjoy the party at the Café del Mar in Malta and witness the performance of this beautiful female saxophonist whose presence is increasingly coveted at all kinds of parties.

Continuation of her summer agenda after the performance at the Café del Mar in Malta

Once Anastasia returns from her performance at the Café del Mar in Malta we will be able to see her again in her performances planned for this summer which we have already described and advertised in this blog and which you can check out on her Facebook page where you can also find her updated event calendar .

Anastasia has really got into the rhythm of this summer and she is delighted that this is the case. She is happy to be able to play so many nights a week at fixed parties and to be able to also perform at private events with the people who hire her personally.

Anastasia, international artist

Anastasia continues to shine in her career as an international artist. We must not forget that before coming to Spain she was already well known for her work on television and that she had already toured all over Europe both as part of bands and accompanying singers well known in her country.

Anastasia started working very young, so, although when you see her you may believe that she is a newcomer to the world of entertainment, you will only have to hear her play and see her on the stage and you will realise that she moves and performs in the way that only someone who has had a lot of experience can do.

Her naturalness, her great professionalism and her way of connecting with the public mean that Anastasia is more and more in demand as a performer to join upt with the most important DJs and in the renowned parties that are an entire institution in Ibiza.

But she does not only play on the island; this summer she also has performances in Barcelona on a regular basis as we have already informed you on this blog. Take advantage of this and enjoy these performances by Anastasia whilst you can because perhaps in a short while she will be snapped up to play in countries much farther afield.