How do you get to perform in the best nightclubs in Ibiza, Barcelona and many other European cities? How is it possible to take the leap and also play in other countries like Thailand or India? The answer is very simple: with a lot of work.
But make no mistake, just because the answer is simple does not mean that the route to success is easy. Getting your name known and acquiring fixed performances in the best parties in a place as competitive as Ibiza is not within the grasp of absolutely anyone.
Only those who are able to demonstrate high standards of professionalism and quality in each of their shows can aspire to achieve something like that. Because we are talking about very demanding scenarios in which a single mistake can spell the end of one’s career as second chances are rarely given.
There are many people who struggle to get not just a fixed position at a party, but a single performance alone, an opportunity to demonstrate all their talent. And most do not get it because the bar is very high. It’s not enough to be good, you have to be the best to perform with the most prestigious DJs in clubs that are renowned throughout the world.
Anastasia has achieved it.
Anastasia McQueen is very young, but her career trajectory is unusually long for someone her age. Her great professionalism and her musical talent have ensured that she has made the most of all the opportunities she has been able to achieve success.
And now, it can be said that Anastasia is one of the best-known saxophonists in Ibiza and one of the most sought after in Spain. At the international level she is also beginning to break through and is sure to soon have a circuit of her own and a strong presence in the best clubs in the world.
With tenacity and talent, this beautiful saxophonist has demonstrated what she is worth and continues to demonstrate it in every performance, because she knows that moving up each step on the career ladder is hard and difficult, but moving downwards is all too quick and easy. That is why she never allows for the slightest chance that this might happen by giving her all in all her performances.
Each time she takes to the stage, Anastasia McQueen revalidates her position in the world of dance music and makes clear her aspirations to achieve even more in her professional career as a musician.