Antonio Banderas (57) opened the doors of La Gaviota, his private paradise in Marbella, to celebrate the twenty years of Power of Seduction, the first of his perfumes and the germ of a saga of successes that only last year generated one hundred million Euros The house, in a typical Spanish-Moorish style, was dressed as a party, with bouquets of white coves and candles in large crystal lanterns. At the entrance and in one of the rooms there was an exhibition with photos, sketches, jars and a fragrance timeline, which welcomed the 170 guests and ended their tour in the park, framed by palm trees and a pool on which a stage and a catwalk that culminated in the DJ booth had been set up.

As a host, Antonio occupied a sort of reserved in the gallery with Nicole Kimpel (40), his love for four years. “Her girl”, as presented by Banderas, greeted with sympathy and mumbled some words in Spanish to whom he approached, and recorded with the phone many of the scenes of the unforgettable party, whose principle was marked by the intense Marbellí sun that burned mercilessly after nine o’clock at night.

A cast of goddesses, commanded by Pampita
As ambassador of the essences, Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain (40) opened the fire of the goddesses and was the first to pose with Antonio Banderas on Saturday 7. Dazzling, in a short metal mesh dress (from El Camarín) that left the discovered his sensual figure, monopolized the flashes and raised sighs. She was calm and very smiling: she had survived a week of tension, stained by her untimely resignation from Pampita Online and rumors of heartbreak with her boyfriend Pico Monaco. “They are together, but they don’t want to expose their romance on social networks anymore,” his brotherhood slipped.

In order of appearance, followed Olga Kurylenko (38), the Bond girl. In total green, the Ukrainian actress chose the Temperley London brand, one of the favorites of Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. He entered La Gaviota by the hand of actor Ben Cura, his partner. Paz Vega (42, Sevillian), a close friend of Banderas, crowned the league of beauties. He wore a Second Skin design, with pockets and two flowers on the neckline. Nicole Kimpel, concentrating on her role as the owner of the house, wore a suit made by the Colombian Carolina Steffani, which she herself (studied fashion with Banderas in Central Saint Martin, in London) said she had made a few touches.

Paella and sax
The day went slowly on the Costa del Sol and there was light until after ten at night. The renowned Dani García, a chef with two Michelin stars who shares Malaga’s roots with Banderas, created three special drinks inspired by the fragrances. And he was responsible for the menu: a fusion of the typical paella and the inevitable Iberian ham with molecular delicacies and finger food, which included crispy eel, foie gras snacks, fried sea bass, avocado gazpacho, all bandejeado.

In a dark suit, white shirt and black tie, Antonio Banderas said a few words about his perfuming venture: “It has been an easy job because I have never had to lie. I have only told the truth. We are probably twenty years older, we will try” , improvised with emotion in the garden of his own house. Marc Puig, third generation of the family, and in charge of the Puig Fashion and Beauty group, relieved him and stressed that it was a milestone that fragrances linked to a celebrity survived a long time, with presence in 95 countries and followers “from Tierra del Fuego to Russia “. They sang the “Happy Birthday” and the party, which in the best Hollywood style had been rehearsed last night, resumed the course. Anastasia McQueen (born in Belarus), a striking blonde, broke into the scene playing the saxophone. “Havana”, by Camila Cabello, was the first of a series of themes that invited to inaugurate the track.

Antonio and his girlfriend marked some timid dance steps, although later they preferred to talk with Olga Kurylenko and Paz Vega, sitting in the gallery. Among the people, Francisco Javier Domínguez swarmed, the only brother of the star (“Chico”, for the intimate), who did an outstanding job as a co-host. Navigator fan, revealed his next course: haggling in the Copa del Rey in Palma de Mallorca, as long ago, with his boat (runs in class X41), sponsored by the aromas of Antonio Banderas.

Born and raised in Benalmádena (a town twenty-two kilometers from Malaga), coastal lands taken by Moorish privateers since ancient times, José Antonio Domínguez Banderas was the son of a school teacher named Ana and a policeman, José Domínguez Prieto. His high-flying credentials in Hollywood never overshadowed the passion for his land and his Andalusian roots. Religiously, every Holy Week, Banderas returns to its place and participates in the traditional Via Crucis. In Marbella, Stella del Carmen was born (the middle name honors the Virgin of Carmen who protects the sailors, “because I am a frustrated yachtman,” he laughs) in 1996, the daughter he had with Melanie Griffith. And a year later, they bought La Gaviota, a spectacular house on Los Monteros beach, a residence that had belonged to the well-known Spanish journalist and broadcaster Encarna Sánchez. After the divorce, “the nest” was left for Banderas, who has other real estate investments in his beloved region, such as an attic (a penthouse, for the Spaniards) in the center of Malaga, and several departments in the historic area. Days before the big event, Antonio stressed instead with his love and a group of friends and as a shout of joy, announced on social networks: “Malagueando”. And with that humor he said goodbye to his party, from the hand of Nicole, while the stragglers closed the track under the gypsy sky.