They say that musicals are not in fashion. They also say that jazz has long ceased to interest the public, but then a movie such as “La, la, Land” appears and proves everyone wrong while collecting prizes from across the board.

This is a musical with jazzy vibe, featuring a pianist who loves this classic musical style and a young actress wannabe who was unaware of this musical style until they met. A love story full of personal struggles, a couple seeking to achieve life dreams; and music itself bring the public together in this amazing movie.

Millions of viewers have watched this film already, which means there is a demand for this type of this entertainment.


Movies like this raise interest for a musical style that many still do not know about. The new generations have not experienced the jazz boom and they do not know about its strong potential as dance music. In the film, it is also clear that jazz is still alive today although in much more modern and eclectic styles.

In “La, La, Land” other characters are criticized by the protagonist, who aspires to a more classical and pure music. This shows how the new generations want something different and original from their favorite music.

The fusion between jazz and other styles has given rise to new concepts of dance music in which the saxophone continues to play an important role, as it already had in classical jazz.


Anastasia is a female saxophonist who has played different styles throughout her long career, but she has classical Jazz training. This has left a mark on the way he plays; although over time she opted for modern styles of pop and dance music, her roots are in classical music.

To what extent is this influence felt? More than would be apparent from her first album.