Are you one of the lucky ones that will see Anastasia McQueen live on any of her parties this year? If so, we propose a challenge that we are sure you will not be able to overcome. We are even sure that you will not want to try to meet this challenge once you see her for yourself: we challenge you not to move your feet to the rhythm of Anastasia’s saxophone.

Dance music has something special that connects with all kinds of people, different ages but especially those who come intensely to life at night. It does not matter if it is a piece that has never been heard or a new mix that sounds totally different.

When dance music sounds it is impossible not to move your feet, especially if the music is played in a special way, contagious and dance like at the same time with a rhythm that seems to come out of the same soul. And that’s what happens when Anastasia plays. She dances and moves her feet to the rhythm of the sax, participating in the party that she herself stars in.

Dine in one of the clubs whilst enjoying the sunsets in Ibiza

The image of Ibiza clubs goes far beyond the nightlife; in some of them it is possible to dine overlooking the sea, while you watch as the sky darkens and the water seems to change colour as the light changes.

You will enjoy a special treatment, absolutely VIP and sometimes you can even have dinner watching some show that will last until late at night. And the sunsets in Ibiza are just the beginning of something else.

And after the sunsets in Ibiza, the nights arrive

The sunsets in Ibiza are the prelude to their nights, famous all over the world for their party halls where you can see the best DJs in the world and where the most spectacular parties take place.

Anastasia McQueen has been able to fill an important gap in the Ibiza festivals and has become one of the most famous and most sought-after saxophonists to be part of the shows of higher quality than those held on the rest of the island.

Ibiza nights end well beyond sunrise. It is frequent to end up having breakfast in one of the most early opening establishments before returning to the hotel to be able to rest and gather strength for another day full of experiences and events on this island where everything is possible.

Ibiza never disappoints its visitors and always offers something different to do that you will not find anywhere else.