A new year arrives and with it comes the illusion of the new projects and of those desires that we hope will come true in the new year. This 2017 has left unforgettable moments in the life of Anastasia. She has continued to consolidate as one of Ibiza’s best-known saxophonists and her shows have gained even more quality and experience.

It has been a year full of work and that is one of the wishes I had asked for with the chimes of 2017. Anastasia knows that inspiration must find you working and therefore, she has not been wasting her time. She has collaborated with various parties and shows while continuing to offer her solo performances mostly during this summer.

This Coming Year, Anastasia Wants to Shine Even More.
Anastasia is ambitious, she knows that we have to go one step further and that is why this coming year, she wants to shine even more professionally. She is willing to give out everything, to try her best and climb one more of the few steps that she still has ahead to become the best. Aspiring to the top is the best way to progress and to do things a little better, and she never gives up.

This coming year she wants to attend many more weddings, in more events, in more summer parties and wants to visit even more cities throughout Spain and in Europe, including other more distant international destinations. She has already been to Thailand, for example, and surely you can get her where you want her. Because it`s a language of music and dance, it`s absolutely international. She is an artist who knows how to connect with audiences from different countries, cultures and tastes. She can connect with anyone knows how to appreciate what she does with the heart and with a great dose of quality.

Your Personal Fishes for 2018
Also, like every year, Anastasia is going to ask for some personal wishes for the year 2018. Even though, these desires remain are kept secret. Anastasia McQueen is just like any other good artist and therefore knows how to keep the mystery. She also has a private life, often very sacrificed for her work, but every minute that goes with your people is still important to her.