Throughout this summer, Anastasia has performed regularly in Barcelona at the “La Movida” party which is held twice a month at the Cafe del Mar. In October you will still have time to see her, since she will continue the performances that she has been giving in recent months.
Barcelona and the customers of Café del Mar have surrendered to the charm and professionalism of Anastasia. Throughout this summer they have danced to the rhythm that she gave them with her sax as she gave off an air of sympathy and professionalism on the stage. This is an experience that has proved that Anastasia’s music succeeds wherever she goes.
Anastasia has made people dance in all manner of different places. A location like Barcelona, ​​in which there are people of so many different nationalities, is a test of fire for any artist. The same goes for Ibiza, where every day she played for a different audience coming from all over the world and hoping to find the best of the best on stage.
Proof of Anastasia’s success can be seen in the videos she has uploaded to her Facebook with fragments of her performances in Barcelona where you can see everyone dancing and having a great time.

A strong relationship

Anastasia has kept up a very strong rhythm throughout the summer combining parties in Ibiza with her fixed performances in Barcelona and adding to this some extra special performance like the one that she carried out in the Café del Mar in ​​Malta.
Is Barcelona resigning itself to giving up Anastasia McQueen after the summer season is over? Something tells us that this is not going to be the case and that this already strong and long lasting relationship, which got stronger still this summer, will be strengthened with more performances during the remainder of 2017 and that when 2018 arrives we are likely to have even more surprises.
Maybe we will be able to see Anastasia on the stages of other venues that are very different from those she played at in Barcelona, ​​in which it will make clear that no matter what type of party it is or what type of audience is in attendance, she knows how to create a unique and personal show that connects with everyone and always conveys a message of unity, dancing and lots of fun.
Without a doubt, Barcelona will continue to dance to the rhythm of Anastasia McQueen and her sax and we will keep you informed of any new developments.