We have made a review of the different aspects of Anastasia McQueen, but we still have the most personal element, Anastasia as a woman. It is worth little to have much success at the professional level if you do not also achieve success on a personal level.

Anastasia is a very reserved person when it comes to her private life. She is happily married and lives with her partner in Ibiza. In spite of all her obligations, she does not neglect her personal life at all and considers herself a happy and very complete woman.

She knows that it is essential to sacrifice for what she wants, but she also knows how important it is to cultivate on a personal level and have free time. That’s why, she continued to study even when she didn’t need it until she got her university degree.

The diversions of Anastasia.

Anastasia enjoys sports, especially when it is done in the sea. She loves the adrenaline of flying with her fly-board and enjoys sunbathing on a boat. She is among those people with special sensitivity and enjoys watching the sunset, and feels all the energy that such lively moments release.

Same to any young person, she loves to meet with friends, enjoy a good meal in a restaurant, or just walk aimlessly. Once in a while, she goes to parties as a guest, to enjoy the music and dance without having the responsibility of being the one to entertain the staff.

Small private moments.

From time to time, Anastasia shares small private moments in her social networks. Photos of her relaxing and enjoying her leisure time on the beach or in some other places are usually transmitted in a unique way. Making others happy from a stage is much easier when are excited about yourself. All this is communicated in a very special form in the music of Anastasia which is fun, light-hearted and a perfect disconnect from everything.

She is a very complete woman, with a great professional career and a very satisfying private life. She is an artist that seduces us, and we really love her, and we are glad that she defines herself as someone happy and complete.