Not everything is going to be about working, that’s what our beautiful saxophonist must have thought about when she decided to take some free time to relax on the beaches of Ibiza with her Seabob. We have already said on more than one occasion, Anastasia loves sports related to the sea and the Seabob could not be more appropriate.

Anastasia feels very free whens she goes to the sea on board this vessel and begins to enjoy the sensation of flying along the water. She is already accustomed to strong emotions, as she has demonstrated in her saxophone shows with Flyboard in which she is elevated several meters above the stage without ceasing to play.

But the Seabob is definitely different. It allows you to relax and get carried away without worrying about swimming, just to enjoy the moment. You can even submerge yourself underwater and feel the peculiar sound that exists under the sea and gives a peace that is not comparable with anything else you have ever known.

The Seabob offers peace to Anastasia

When you live a life of constant hustle and bustle, as is the case for Anastasia throughout the year and especially in the summer months, it is essential to be able to enjoy moments alone to think and to put your head in order. She is a very disciplined woman who has always kept her feet on the ground, despite her great success, and she is very clear about the fact that hard work is the way to achieve her goals.

But she also knows that work is of no use if one does not also enjoy small pleasures beyond those provided by the stage such as the possibility of feeling the sun on the skin and water refreshing every pore of your body. She takes everything at a speed that allows her the opportunity to perform a few pirouettes to burn all that adrenaline inside.

A couple of hours of relaxation with the Seabob

After a couple of hours of relaxation, Anastasia already has fully recharged her batteries and is ready to return to take care of all the commitments of her tight schedule. This summer does not stop for her, as she has fixed her dates for parties in Barcelona and Ibiza and has already agreed on several international performance dates too.

And we believe this is just the beginning. Just as when she surges from the water in her Seabob and Anastasia feels like she is taking off to fly in the air, her career is also propelling itself strongly upwards and we do not know yet where the limits for this restless woman may be.