Anastasia Mcqueen is the queen of sax in Ibiza. Music is his way of expressing himself, and the saxophone, his one-way ticket from Belarus to the island. With it he has managed to create a unique show in which he transmits his energy to the people who live it live.

At 10 years old, this young Belarusian took for the first time in her hands what was going to be her best life partner: the saxophone. “I wanted to play the guitar but my parents practically forced me to play the saxophone, and since then I haven’t released it!” Anastasia Mcqueen comments with laughter. Today this instrument is a talisman for her. Thanks to him, during a performance in Azerbaijan she met the one who is now her husband. “He was performing a flyboard show at the hotel pool and we decided to gather our talents by creating a saxophone and flyboard show that to date is unique in the world.” That has been his arrival ticket to Ibiza, which has welcomed them with all its charms, opening the doors of the best hotels and clubs on the island. Anastasia Mcqueen has found here the opportunity to establish herself as a recognized artist, and admits that she feels grateful for it, “for me the best thing about the island is its energy and its beauty, its internationality and opportunities for someone like me, which I have achieved dedicate myself to what I love. “

Music is his way of expressing himself and the saxophone is his best ally for it. In his performances, he tries to transmit his energy to the listener, either day or night, but first of all, “I am looking for a main thing: to get the audience excited to enjoy.” Depending on the type of event, the audience varies, but the artist defends that the end is always the same: that people dance and have fun. “For me it is a personal challenge to get everyone who attends one of my shows to enjoy, so I study the public at all times and adapt my songs to their mood.” With summer just around the corner, Mcqueen presents a new show, a new wardrobe, and then hopes to finish his first single recorded between New York and Madrid.