Throughout the next articles of this blog, we will analyze the different professional and personal aspects of Anastasia McQueen, a very complete woman who, despite her youth, she has achieved great success in various professional facets.

The first thing to note is that Anastasia McQueen is a musician. She held a saxophone for the first time when she was nine years old, and since then, Anastasia has lived in an intense love relationship with it. Love that has involved a great dedication and a lot of sacrifices that began with practically ten years of professional preparation, which she combined with her studies and conventional academic training.

A career in permanent ascent.

It is true that when things go well, it is easy to think that the path that has led up to there has been smooth and sweet. However, Anastasia has worked very hard to get to where she is today, and continues to do so in order to stay in her position and even go further.

She has two characteristics that push her to get far: ambition and the capacity to sacrifice. This, coupled with the fact that she has a natural gift for music and a great capacity for empathy to communicate with her audience, have made this woman to always have her musical career in ascent.

Whether as a musician of orchestras touring throughout Europe, or as a musician in the famous television programs in Russia, Anastasia has always given the best of herself and that is noticeable on stage.

One day, his life took a total turn.

As with all the important things that happen to us, Anastasia’s life changed completely when she least expected it. During a performance, she met a Fly-board professional who proposed to her to make a number together.

What was going to be a spectacular performance, yes, but one more among many, become the first of many. Anastasia moved to Ibiza and began to perform in the most famous clubs in the world. The shows with Fly-board have become one of the most characteristic signs of identity, although it is not the only type of number that she performs. From Ibiza, Anastasia travels today to different parts of Spain and also to international destinations to carry out her performances together with the best-known DJs of the panorama. And she still has a lot to say and many aces in her sleeve with which to surprise us.