And we’re still trying to get to know Anastasia McQueen a little better. Another one of the many facets of this woman is that of a model. It’s something that by just looking at it, it’s easy to imagine. Anastasia is really beautiful, and her measurements allow her to pose for crucial advertising campaigns and appear in prominent publications.

For Anastasia, her career as a model is something more secondary. She feels like a musician first and foremost, but that does not mean she is not professional when she works in the world of fashion. She enjoys doing it. You just have to see her in front of the camera to know that she adores it and that love is mutual. Anastasia McQueen enjoys playing with the camera, seducing and posing in the most professional way. For this reason, she is usually needed for fashion campaigns, and she is always happy to lend her image whenever she is hired. She takes enough time to make sure that her professionalism is complete and beyond doubt.

Your body is your tool.

To play an instrument, you have to have a perfect control of your body. Playing the saxophone involves control of breathing, knowing how to move in the right way, and having an excellent physical shape to hold the instrument and move it with energy. If you join a dance on a stage, it is not difficult to realize that the choreography has to be studied.

The control of the body and movements has to come to Anastasia McQueen as a ring to the finger when working as a model. She knows her movements very well, her physical form is perfect, and she knows how to behave before the public or in front of a camera.

She has worked on television, so she knows how to move in front of a camera naturally, and all this has opened her doors in the world of fashion. Since she was young, her beauty has made her suitable for this type of work, and she has been able to take advantage of it.

Anastasia, in the magazines.

The fact that Anastasia McQueen is a popular face on the stages of Ibiza nightclubs has made her more demanded as a model. It can be seen in fashion magazines and also in live events. Anastasia on some famous cover? Surely it’s just a matter of time.