Anastasia McQueen is quite active in social networks, but far from acting like other artists who tell things about her personal life, she limits her posts to her professional life. She is close with her fans and she responds to the comments they make, but she is also very careful about guarding her private life, something that her nearest and dearest respect a lot. She wants to be appreciated for her work and in that sense she gives everything, so logically she keeps her private life for herself alone. That does not mean that, from time to time, she does not let us see a few glimpses of her life in the same way that one might share a secret with a friend.

Anastasia’s social networks contain a lot of information about her performances. Some are promoted well in advance, as we do in the blog, but others pop up unexpectedly and it is not possible to announce them days in advance. On Facebook and Instagram you can see everything Anastasia does since there you can see adverts in real time, allowing her to stay up to date with all her followers and keep them well informed.

Social networks, photos and videos

One of the strengths of Anastasia’s social networks is her photographs. She knows how to pose very well, and it is perfectly clear that she works as a model from time to time. But her naturalness is one of the things that her followers like most. Even when posing, Anastasia knows how to maintain the balance between professionalism and naturalness. Some of the images that she presents in social networks are home-made photos, well done but not made by professionals, something that her followers are very grateful for as they feel closer to her.

The videos are also very important in Anastasia’s social networks because in them she can show her performances. Small moments from different sax shows where you can clearly see how people enjoy Anastasia’s music. A way to be part of these moments for all those fans who have not yet had the opportunity to see her live and a way to revive the experience for those who have been able to see her play on some of the national or international stages in which she has performed her sax shows.