-Professionalism. Anastasia is a great pro. If you hire the services of this saxophonist, her way of working will probably surprise you. She takes care of every detail and tries hard to know what is expected from her so that she is able to give them what they wants and never disappoint. She is not scared by challenges, on the contrary, they motivate her. Therefore, hard work is not a problem when you hire Anastasia and where others can not do what you need, she will strive not only to achieve the goals, if possible try to overcome them to please her audience, but also to feel good about herself -Talent. Anastasia has a great talent. She has had a very complete training as a classical music musician and also as a jazz interpreter. Now, she focuses mostly on dance music, which is her favourite. But she is a very versatile saxophonist able to adapt to all sorts of interpretations. Therefore, she is hired to play at weddings, fashion shows and advertising events. She is able to play many different styles but in all of them you can see her personality and freshness, which make her one of the best musicians in the present day. -Empathy. Anastasia’s empathy allows her to connect with the mood of her audience and she is able to make small improvisations to get people to connect with her sax show. Not all audiences are the same, it’s true. And because of this, not everyone reacts equally to the same performance. That is why it is one of the amazing qualities of this saxophonist to be able to catch the audience and put them in her pocket regardless of their differences. And all this is thanks to her great empathy that makes her perceive the environment that surrounds her and the mood of her audience. -Beauty. It is true that beauty is one of the qualities of Anastasia that you first see but once you discover all the others it is by no means the most important. However, we can not fail to highlight it because in addition to seeing a saxophonist as wonderful as she is, it is a pleasure to admire her beauty and the way she moves on the stage. It is clear that he has been a model and it is also obvious that she has been performing on stage for a long time.

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