Get married in the presence of Anastasia, we mean, because this wedding saxophonist can put an extra special touch onto your winter wedding in Ibiza. It is common to think that Ibiza weddings only occur during the summer, but the enviable climate of this island and its corners so full of magic make many people decide that winter can also be a good time to say ‘I do’ here.
But even if you don’t want to risk an outdoor wedding there are other options. Many couples ensure a gorgeous moment with a marquee wedding, because they can then enjoy the magic of a special place in the middle of nature or in a beautiful garden and at the same time they can count on the certainty that even if it rains, they will not have a wedding drenched in water.

An indoor wedding

And if you want to secure your wedding to the max there are many beautiful indoor places to perform the ceremony. You can also have very special photoshoots aboard a boat or in any of the other incredible places on the island. Even if the day is not sunny, the photos will be fantastic.
The beauty of this island is not exclusively linked to the Sun, the sea and the beach. Ibiza is much more than that and those who live all year round here know it very well and can reveal the island’s manifold charms to those who arrive for such an event.
If you marry in a hotel, they can take care of almost all the details, but do not forget to tell them that you want to have the special touch of Anastasia McQueen to provide music for that special event. If the hotel staff are not in charge of hiring musicians you can arrange it directly, always making clear what your plans are.

Anastasia is unique

Ibiza is a city in which fun plays a really important role, so you will see that there are so many options for you. Some hotels usually work with other saxophonists, but if you love Anastasia, do not hesitate to make it clear that you are not going to go with another saxophonist for weddings, you love Anastasia McQueen
Anastasia McQueen, saxophonist for weddings, is the perfect guest who will know to give that special day for the couple the precise touch of magic. In winter, Anastasia’s schedule has some extra gaps, so take advantage of these to ask for an appointment and see if you are lucky enough to have her play to you you on your special day.