The sound of the sax is especially sensual and this is the reason why it has been used for some of the most remembered love ballads in the history of music, such as George Michael’s unforgettable “Careless Whisper.”

With regards to this song, the sax becomes a second voice which accompanies the young singer, who had already received great fame as a part of Wham! This is just one example of the many love songs we could mention, where the sax has been used, its sound being forever linked to some of the most romantic ballads.

But this sensuality is not exclusive to only slower songs, it also provides a lively backing to dance music. This is where Anastasia has managed to provide her own personal touch as she adds to the sensuality of her music. As our favourite female saxophonist, she has brought her own brand of sex appeal, which adds to her extraordinary on-stage magnetism.

It is almost impossible to look away from this woman who plays and moves in a way that enthrals everyone: the sensuality that she conveys invites people to dance and take part in the fun of her performance.

Her dancing and musical accompaniment are so full of sensuality.

Anastasia’s own dances follow the sensual notes she is emitting with her sax, but she is not usually alone on the stage. Her dancers know how to dress accordingly, as their sexy moves follow the rhythm of the music.

Their choreography is designed so that everyone can gyrate on the dance floor, just as they move on stage: with complicity, provocatively whilst enjoying the strong personality of the music, all the while looking at Anastasia, because it’s hard not to.

The sax seems to stimulate the senses and Anastasia awakens the imagination of everyone. An explosive combination, that ends up infecting all those who dare to be part of her show.

Be brave – take part in one of the most enjoyable evenings of your life with Anastasia McQueen and her sax. You will discover why it is one of the sexiest instruments around.