When we talk about shows in Dubai, we generally refer to those spectacular shows that take place in the capital of the emirate, a place renowned for its elite tourism and that boasts a concentration of the most luxurious shops in the world.
People go to Dubai not only because it is a centre for all types of business, but also to enjoy luxury shopping, attend grandiose events and indulge in a very elitist tourism that allows the tourist to indulge whims and pleasures that are not available in other parts of the world or, at any rate, are not so concentrated and flamboyant.
The hotels of this city seem to be straight out of a fairy story, and everything is designed so that the client can have practically any wish instantly fulfilled. Luxury and sophistication are breathed at every corner, and shows in Dubai hotels are always spectacular.

The best shows in Dubai

In this fairy-tale environment it is natural that Dubai puts on the best shows in the world. Dubai’s demanding customers do not settle for just anything, they are accustomed to always having the best, which explains why sax shows in Dubai are always five-star spectaculars.
Only those who are able to offer the most original and best quality shows get the go-ahead to tread these elitist scenarios. Indeed, the requested quality level to be able to represent shows in this city are of the highest in the world.
To get to the accepted level, you have to fulfil several requirements: offer the highest quality or be the best in your field, offer something different to what others offer, do it with unique glamour and class and, above all, with an exquisite quality level that conquers even the most demanding clientèle.
Many of the best and most sought-after artists come to put on shows in Dubai privately, for the birthday of a sheikh or another billionaire acting on a whim of having top artists perform privately for his guests.

Anastasia McQueen, a sax-player in Dubai

Anastasia McQueen has performed all over the world, getting to perform on the world’s best stages with her sax show. She is possibly the most well-known female saxophonist on the stage and, of course, has also performed in Dubai.
Anastasia has played her sax on the most luxurious stages in a place that has taken the whole concept of luxury to new heights. She will surely return soon to surprise the demanding tourism of this emirate with her great music and her impressive staging.