A wedding in the purest style of Ibiza are fashionable, but if you are going to do it, why not do it right? For this, the first thing you have to know is that like the original scenario there is nothing and you have it very close. Why recreate Ibiza on any other beach in Spain when you have the only and inimitable so close?

If the problem is that you fear that many people do not go for the celebration, you always have the option of having a more intimate ceremony on the island and later a great dinner in your native place.
A wedding on the beach has something special, especially in a landscape like Ibiza, in which everything seems put to please the view. Here you will find event companies capable of making your dream come true easily. You can do it with a saxophonist for wedding.

After the wedding, a glass with a show

The photos of your wedding will be unique in this environment and the ceremony, which is always emotional, will be much more special and unforgettable. It takes care of all the details and offers to your guests a dinner that has the most exquisite ibicenco point.
That combination of fun and elegance that only knows how to give on the island and that is capable of making an informal event something classy. Contradiction? It may be, but it is that everything here works in a different way and, once you see it, you will understand why I say it.
After dinner why not ask your guests to join you for a drink and enjoy a show of the island? And this is where Anastasia McQueen can make an appearance on your special day.
Your music can be the culmination of a day that no one will forget and you can opt for a show moved, where people dance and get carried away by the notes of this expert musician’s sax or for something more intimate and calm.
Nobody better than you knows your guests and no one like Anastasia to adapt to different styles and give it better of itself in each one of them. No matter what you want, she can give it to you and make your guests have a fantastic experience.
Your music, your changing of clothes and your personal way of understanding the music will fit perfectly in your ceremony and will contribute to make it even more personal and different.
Dare to invite Anastasia to your wedding