Anastasia McQueen is a saxophonist for events and can be hired to perform for many different reasons. If you are planning an event promoting your organization, let’s ask you three examples of when it might be a good idea to hire Anastasia to be great with your customers.

Of course, Anastasia can be hired for many other occasions and celebrations.


There are times when companies need to organize especially elegant events that will be attended by important customers. It’s not about big public events, but it’s still necessary to take care of all the details.

Would not it be great to have a saxophonist for events with the quality of Anastasia McQueen? Their accompanying music may be perfect for listening after closing some important treatment, once relaxed while enjoying an aperitif, leaving aside tensions, papers and figures.

Small great details that make the difference and that make the customers go much more satisfied and with the feeling of being cared for and cared for as they deserve.


Private universities or major academies attach great importance to events such as the beginning of the course, the Christmas party or the end of the year. In these cases you are looking for an event that is fun, that appeals to young people who are going to participate, but at the same time have class and category.

Anastasia McQueen is a specialist in making everyone dance with her music and will give the academic event a very different touch that will make students feel part of a truly special community.

A way to distinguish yourself from the usual in these cases, providing fun but hiring a totally original and different show. Undoubtedly, an added value that will be appreciated.


If there is a field in which Anastasia McQueen has a great experience as an event saxophonist is in the realm of business events. Product presentations or promotional events of different brands need actions that are up to par.

Anastasia never disappoints and her great professionalism is evident every time she has to take part in one of these events, creating a personalized show, different and always adaptable to the image of the brand without renouncing the artist’s own personality.