Hearing the sax being played on the streets may not be particularly unusual, but can you imagine coming across saxophonist Anastasia McQueen doing so? That’s exactly what happened during the 2016 edition of the Andorra Shopping Festival. The festival took place between 28 October and 13 November, and to many people it was a sneak-peek of the upcoming Christmas holidays. During the festival, visitors had the chance to buy all types of goodies and enjoy a variety of activities, among which we must highlight street performances by first-class artists, who showed off their talent to passersby, shoppers, and anyone who was there simply enjoying the festive atmosphere. Of those performances, special mention goes to the show put together by female saxophonist Anastasia McQueen.


By playing the greatest hits of pop and dance music, Anastasia proved that the sax can be the best instrument to perform these musical styles. She showed off her skills playing live before an audience that danced and had a great time with the interpreter, as it is evident from the videos uploaded to Instagram. Anastasia was not only able to get her audience dancing to her sax music; she also managed to strike a chord by playing some slower tunes and showing she can master all types of performances. This was the first time Anastasia McQueen played the sax on the street, and it probably won’t be the last, judging from how much she enjoyed herself. Having this saxophonist perform at an event is a great way of bringing entertainment to the streets of any major city. Arts and performances are increasingly being played outside of theatres and party venues, so in the near future, it would be hardly surprising to find Anastasia playing the sax in Barcelona, livening up some activity in the Ramblas, or perhaps in the middle of Madrid’s Gran Via. In the meantime, we can keep enjoying her sax shows in Ibiza – as long as her professional commitments in Spain and abroad don’t make her travel far from her favourite island.