We wondered where Anastasia McQueen would spend the end of the year and we were correct in the bets we made. This year the appointment was in Dubai, and she definitely satisfied her fans. Anastasia shone with her own light among the luxury of one of the world’s most unique cities. this was not the first time that Anastasia appeared on stage in this city. She has already triumphed on many occasions as a saxophonist in Dubai and we have no doubt that she will do so again soon. The hotels in this city always offer their customers the best of the best and that’s why Anastasia could not miss the season of shows.
Our favourite saxophonist enjoyed the end of the year by dancing and playing along with beautiful people, as she herself has described them in their Instagram account. For her, the best way to start the year is on a stage, enjoying herself while doing what she does best and making others enjoy the experience along with her.
Entering 2018 has been a very positive experience for our beautiful musician, who has made the most of her trip savouring the experience until the last minute. I’m sure she will be invited back very soon because she always achieves a great success in this region.

You won’t be keeping Anastasia.

We warn you, you hotels and party rooms in Dubai, however much luxury you hold between your walls and as much as you like the Sax shows Anastasia performs, we will not allow you to keep our beautiful exclusive musician. She will continue to act onstage at different places but, above all, she will return to what is already her second home, Ibiza.
In Ibiza, Anastasia has created her home and so she loves to return once she has fulfilled her international commitments. Besides, this is where she works most of the year. As beautiful as your city is you can not compete with a paradise of the Mediterranean like the one that forms the island of Ibiza.
So, consider yourself warned: we are just lending you Anastasia so you can enjoy her sax shows, but she will go back to the scenes of the best nightclubs in the world, where the most prestigious DJs play, to share her talent with all her fans.