With the Mediterranean as a backdrop, Ibiza could not resist the most fun boat parties. From its coast sailboats and yachts depart carrying groups of people with desire to have fun in the big.
From small and quite intimate parties to large celebrations, with a large capacity and shows on board capable of attracting people from many different places in Spain and the rest of the world.

Celebrating a birthday aboard a boat, a graduation party or even a bachelor party is something that is the order of the day. More and more people are looking for any excuse to live one of these experiences that those who have enjoyed are unforgettable and very special.

Boat parties with Anastasia

If you want your party to be even more unforgettable and special, you can board an incredible guest capable of offering their number every day in a different and innovative way depending on who surrounds each occasion.
Anastasia McQueen offers shows in private boat parties, which make any celebration something truly special and different, giving it the distinctive touch you need any event of this type.
The guests of these boat parties can enjoy high quality music and a first class show, with an artist accustomed to very different audiences and with high levels of demand.
Thanks to its resources, the result of its extensive experience, Anastasia is able to connect in a special way with people, offering them just what they need in each moment. She knows how to make people vibrate and rise in intensity, reaching the climax just when it’s time.
His costume changes are always surprising. It should be noted that she designs and creates her clothes, so you will not have seen anything like it before.

Music and a dream setting

If the music of Anastasia is of itself special, listening to it in a natural environment as it is the coast of Ibiza makes it even more incredible. Some have said that Anastasia has managed to capture the spirit of Ibiza in its way of playing.
No matter what type of celebration you want to perform, hire Anastasia and you will not regret it. She will have the perfect performance for each type of event and will make it become something more special.
Anastasia is perfect also for company parties in which you want to impress favorably to partners or customers.