If Anastasia McQueen enjoys Ibiza by day, she is the queen of Ibiza by night. In the parties of the main discos, she shines with her own light with her sax shows. She knows how to make the audience vibrate when she comes up on stage, and for this reason she is more sought after every time.

Anastasia McQueen enjoys Ibiza by night with the same intensity that she enjoys the day time and all she does. She always works hard on her projects and this is why she gets such good results. If you go to one of her shows you are guaranteed not to feel hard done by.

If you have also enjoyed Ibiza by day, once you’ve had dinner the moment will come to enjoy it by night. But do be aware that there are certain things that it is best to plan in advance.

Many of the best parties on the island sell their tickets in advance. Others allow you to enter without a ticket. But, to avoid disappointment it is best to plan things carefully.

What do you want to see in Ibiza? If you want to enjoy one of Anastasia’s Shows, you can see her schedule on Facebook to see where her next performances will be. Once you know where she will be performing, you need to find out whether you need to buy the ticket in advance or whether you will need to queue to enter.

Ibiza by night: passion and music

It is possible to enjoy more than one party throughout the night when you stay on the island. We recommend that you make a list of the rooms that you want to visit and those DJs that you want to see perform.

Once the list is made you can buy tickets and place events on your daily calendar. It is best to always leave some time spare for spontaneous adventures too and not to fill the night’s schedule up too much, because if you feel good at a certain place it’s best to stay and enjoy it and not move around too much.

We are not advising you to go absolutely everywhere, but to have a relaxed time. You are on holiday and you do not to mark your X on every party room to enjoy the atmosphere of the island.

In Ibiza you can find the most original performances, the most fun parties and the best DJs currently on the scene. You are going to have to choose, but one option is clear: see one of Anastasia McQueen’s shows so that you can enjoy seeing her in person at last.