DJ, music, show … Perhaps these three keys are the best that define the show of Anastasia McQueen, although with this woman there is something that you must be clear: she does not have a single show nor is the same in each of her performances .
This woman is able to print character and personality every time she steps on a stage, turning each of her appearances into something unique and surprising that does not disappoint anyone.
In her musical shows she is often accompanied by a renowned DJ, able to mix the music and offer high quality dance music mixed in a personal and very sexy way, inviting everyone who comes to see Anastasia to dance.
In addition to the music is also very important the choreography in the saxophonist shows. From the dances to the way to move around the stage, everything is natural but worked so that no details fail.
Everything is designed so that the public enjoys every minute of the performance and know that they have chosen well where to spend their money and with whom to spend their time. Because the professionalism of note.

The sax, the other big star apart from the DJ

But if there is a star that shines with its own light on the stage this is the fantastic sax music. An instrument that, although closely related to dance music, is not usually the protagonist of a show of this type.
We are accustomed to seeing guitarists, keyboardists and above all vocalists who become the center of attention with their voices and instruments. But the sax, normally, had been left in the background.
Anastasia McQueen has taken him to the right place, the center of the stage, making him take an unusual role that soon we realize that he really deserves.
And is that the great quality of their performance is able to get the best of this instrument, which the audience can hear for the first time sounding so strongly and with so much prominence throughout the show.
You will fall in love with Anastasia, only to see her for her beauty, but you will admire her for her great talent. In their hands, the saxophone emits sounds that merge with the DJ’s music and make it impossible to stand on the dance floor.
Let yourself be swept by Anastasia and her music and enjoy a unique show!