The Italian firm Calzedonia celebrates this year its twenty-fifth anniversary in Spain, a unique occasion to look at the past and remember the long history of a brand that has maintained its leadership over the years in the world of hosiery and swimwear.

On the occasion of this special occasion, Calzedonia held a sensory event at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Madrid, Calzedonia Legacy, different from all others, in which artists from various disciplines embodied the spirit of Calzedonia through their works.

These artists conveyed their point of view and expressed with their creations what Calzedonia means to each of them. View, touch, taste, hearing and smell … the event left no one indifferent and featured performances and experiences that surprised all attendees and aroused the five senses.

Among the artists of the event, we have the presence of Anastasia McQueen, one of the best known saxophonists of the moment for her live performances in the best known places in Ibiza and the whole world, who enlivened the evening versioning the hits of fashion with her particular musical style It was also a delight for the ears the performance of Gigi McFarlane, the London singer / guitarist and songwriter who made all attendees dance with her fantastic versions of great hits by singers such as Michael Jackson, Madonna or Tracy Chapman.

The dance note was put by the two dancers of the prestigious WOSAP school that left the guests speechless with their choreography that combined dance steps in a classic and modern style.

The world of photography also had a very notable presence in the event. Ramón Palacios Pelletier, a prestigious portrait photographer, took photos of the guests, who posed in a vintage chester, drawing inspiration from photographs of Hollywood and the golden years of the world of cinema. In addition, the artist Nuria Riaza created an authentic work of art with a pen taking as a starting point mythical photographs of the world of cinema and mixing them with photorealistic elements with a mystical message.

To give the event a creative touch, Montserrat Salvat, an artist specialized in illustration and painting, was in charge of making quick portraits of the guests, so that they had a beautiful memory of this special event. For his part, Gisela Talita used markers to illustrate simple and natural elements that are becoming familiar in social and cultural life.

Finally, the experiences that most impressed the guests were the interactive mirror of Vitamin Sea thanks to which the attendees could virtually try on the Calzedonia socks, which changed as if by magic; and the impressive sculpture of Victor Manuel Delgado who with more than 1.5m high told the story of Calzedonia from a different perspective.

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