In many cases, product launches go hand in hand with eye-catching performances that grab the attention of the public and the media. The objective of these performances is to attract people’s attention, and once that has been achieved, the product in question is unveiled. Live music and sports events are the most popular performances used during product launches, but the choice must be coherent with the product that’s being launched.


Any product that targets a fun-loving and daring audience with a dynamic and slightly bold philosophy (such as a men’s perfume or a new car designed to suit young people) requires the company of a performance that’s just as dynamic and adrenaline-laden. These product launches call for a fun show packed with surprises, like a Flyboard event performed alongside a live music show by saxophonist Anastasia McQueen. This female saxophonist has wide-ranging experience providing entertainment at corporate events and product launches, and her presence can add a professional touch as well as guaranteed success at any event where a brand’s reputation is at stake.


However, when it comes to launching an elegant and classy product aimed at a stylish audience that enjoys quieter activities, we need to come up with a performance that exudes refinement, attention to detail, and that is able to seduce the audience with its finesse and glamour. As an events saxophonist, Anastasia has performed at many product launches, where she has interpreted music for luxury brands like Cartier or Grisogono. Her polished costumes and her musical versatility help make Anastasia’s work the perfect match to the philosophy of any product launch that speaks of elegance and luxury.


The above are just two examples that demonstrate the impressive versatility of Anastasia McQueen’s saxophone show. If we want a product launch to impress the audience and draw their attention to the product shown, the performance must be unique and personalised. In any case, product launch organisers always have the final say when it comes to explaining which type of performance they are looking for and how exactly they plan to make the saxophonist’s show fit the event in question.