Ibizan artists have won fame not only in the famous clubs of the island itself, but also in those throughout Spain and the world. To talk about artists from Ibiza is to talk about a brand that guarantees quality, originality and the most up-to-date, impressive performances. We are talking about a world in which the competition is extremely fierce, to the extent that only the best can make it. Some of these clubs have regular Ibizan artists who play there almost exclusively, or at least work there so often that it almost feels like their own lounges. In some cases, the names of artists and venues are intimately linked, and this is the case with many DJs who work for years in the same venue and then, on tour, are billed as being the DJ from that particular club. Every club wants to stand out and to boast of having the biggest names on their books. For that reason, for any artist it is a real achievement to be able to state on their CV that they took their show to places of the calibre of Pacha, Privilege or Lio. Anastasia McQueen has taken her show to, or worked as a part of events at, venues like these, as well as Blue Marlin and Nikki Beach. She has also worked with big-name DJs such as Wally Lopez, Reboot and Sebastian Gamboa.


When Anastasia McQueen or other well-known artists from the Ibiza scene perform in other parts of the world, they tend to take pride in the name “Artist of Ibiza”, and this is also a term that attracts many people looking to enjoy this type of spectacular performance without having to travel away from the island. That is why Anastasia has been on tour with other artists from Ibiza, reproducing the fabulous night-time atmosphere of the island’s clubs in venues all over the world. The fame of Ibiza’s nightlife and of its festivals has transcended borders and has become a major draw all over the world, especially in tourist resorts and in towns which have a particular buzz about them. Anastasia McQueen is naturally part of this list of Ibizan artists, but she has achieved even greater fame thanks to the high quality of her shows and her international career, both before and after she settled on the island herself.